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Welcome to ILR at Baldwin Wallace University

Welcome to the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) [Main] at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio.  The purpose of the ILR is to provide senior adults the highest quality, most-accessible and least-expensive educational, social and cultural experiences possible. Our organization believes, and hopes you will agree, that lifelong learning is important for mental and emotional growth at any age. We hope that the time for you to learn and have fun is now. Our goal and focus are to provide ... [ more ]

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ILR TODAY - Volume:IX Number:2

May 2024 - In this Issue: President's Message, Special Events, Lifetime Members, Senior Resources, Travel Schedule and more... [ more ]

ILR TODAY - Volume:IX Number:1

Febuary 2024 - In this Issue: President's Message, Spring 2024 Class Registration, Spring Session to Feature New Instructors and Couress, ILR Scholarship, 2024 Travel, Member Profile, ILR Calendar, and more... [ more ]

ILR Today - Volume:VIII Number:6

November 2023 - In this Issue: President's Message,Travel Updates, Curriculum News, and more... [ more ]

ILR Today - Volume VIII Number 5

August 2023 - In this Issue: President's Message,Travel Updates, Ways to Donate, Learn about ILR-Reach, Curriculum News, and more... [ more ]

ILR Today - Volume VIII Number 4

April 15 - In this Issue: President Message, Book and Author Luncheon, Curriculum News, Travel, and more .. [ more ]

ILR Today - Volume VIII Number 3

February 23 - In this Issue: President Message, Luncheon, Curriculum News, Travel, Spring Session In-Person Registering, and more .. [ more ]

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What would you tell someone about the ILR?

Dec. 2022 This is the video of a few ILR instructors talking about the ILR. [ more ]

Check Your Login BEFORE Registration Opens

Opening Day of ILR Registration, has a lot of activity.  Our team is ready but oftentimes, we are not able to respond to Members as quickly as we would like.  Most of the Members' issues are about being unable to log into their account.  To avoid this delay in registration and worry or frustration about maybe not getting into a class, check your login credentials NOW.  As an added incentive to do this, the Spring classes will be visible online starting February 20, 2023 on the website and you can make your list ahead time.  As class registration will start on March 5, 2023 at 12:01 AM ET. [ more ]

ILR Today - Volume VIII Number 2

November 22 - In this Issue: President Message, Luncheon, Curriculum News, Marking News, Support your favorite causes and save on taxes, and more .. [ more ]

How to Use Zoom (via YouTube)

Learn how to easily use the Zoom Videoconferencing application. Join your fellow ILR members who have enjoyed Lifelong Learning through the online classroom.  You will learn exactly what you need to know to be comfortable on Zoom. [ more ]

New ILR Video

February, 2021 - The ILR cameras were rolling in the classroom. See what your Friends and neighbors are saying about the great classes offered by the ILR. Take a look ... [ more ]

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