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Officers and Board


Doug Imhoff, President
Maria Phillips, Vice-President of Administration
Gary Erlinger, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Karl Keller, Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Pam McConnell, Vice President–Curriculum
Pat Blackmon, Secretary
Mary Kolk, Immediate Past President

Committee Chairs

Culture and Travel Committee - Maria Phillips, Tom Brennan
     Live Performances - Pat Giblin, Penny Jeffrey
Curriculum Committee – Pam McConnell, Don Auble, Scott Ross
Finance Committee - Gary Erlinger, Edith Newman
Marketing Committee - Beth Townsend
     Newsletter - Daniel Bomeli
Office Services Committee - Janet Bodjiak, Bev Sadowski
Registration and Membership Services Committee - Judy Drabik, Linda Faecking
Technology Support Committee - Karl Keller, Doug Porter
Scholarship Committee – Bob Ebert
Social Committee - Pamela Aleandri
Website - Vacant

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