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About the Institute for Learning in Retirement

The purpose of the ILR is to provide senior adults the highest quality, most-accessible and least-expensive educational, social and cultural experiences possible.

Our organization believes, and hopes you will agree, lifelong learning is important for mental and emotional growth at any age. We hope that the time for you to learn and have fun is now.

Our goal and focus are to provide an exceptional learning and social experience. Whether through classroom, entertainment, lectures, local one- day trips or long-distance tours – ILR strives to provide a fun social learning experience to its members.

Our ILR, one of many across America, is a community-based group of adults who love to continue to learn and connect with each other for knowledge. Typically, classes are held in church spaces within the immediate area of Berea, Ohio. 

We learn on an adult level without the need for accumulating credits or stress. All this for the yearly membership price of $25. There is now a $25 registration fee for each class and there is no longer an administration fee charged. You may take as many classes as you like.

Our courses are taught by former professors, teachers and professionals from the Greater Cleveland area, as well as people who are experts in their particular subject matter or field of interest. Many of our instructors are ILR members as well.

Course Registration (or in the future, travel opportunities) is open only to current members of the ILR. If you are not a current member, go to the Membership section and do so.

If you are recently retired or semi-retired, we may be an excellent fit for you. A fun way to fill some leisure hours and meet new and like-minded members and instructors. Our classes are different each quarter (although some may be repeats). Whether your interest is in the arts, music, current events, literature, history, science, movies, museums, day trips or travel farther away we have many classes from which to choose.

Please browse our webpages to see all the ways you can keep learning.

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