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Lake Erie Rum Runners REPEAT (W23-25) Middleburg Heights Community Church

Wednesdays, January 11 - February 1, 2023 | 12:45 PM - 02:05 PM [IN PERSON]

Lake Erie was abuzz during Prohibition as a major route of smuggled outlawed alcohol. This course will explore the “who, what and where” of the lake’s, and its shoreline’s, involvement in the Prohibition years of 1920-1933. The four sessions will be “The Road to Prohibition,” “Rebellion and Opportunity,” “the Birth of the Rum Runner” and “Rise of Organized Crime and End of the Great Experiment.” Learn about secret coves, speeding Dart Boats, Coast Guard chases and the notorious Purple Gang.

Special Notes


Presenter: R.C. Durkee

R.C. Durkee is a writer, artist and local history speaker. Her debut novel, "Rum Run" was selected for Ohioana and inclusion in the state's library. She lectures local history for lifelong learning courses, libraries and organizations, and is a recurrent program speaker for Case Western Reserve University's STEM program.

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